Free Shipping on Orders Over $25

Shipping and Return Policies

How long does it take for orders to ship?

Orders placed before 3pm EST are shipped same day. Orders placed after 3 are shipped next day. Standard shipping is 1-5 business days depending on proximity to our warehouse (Brooklyn NY). We also offer expedited shipping at checkout. (Please allow extra time for orders being shipped to Alaska, Hawaii and internationally)

How much do you charge for shipping?

The shipping fee is calculated at checkout. For orders over $25 we offer free standard shipping for orders in the U.S (excludes Alaska and Hawaii)

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, was can ship internationally. International customers are responsible for all duties and taxes. Adorable Baby does not cover those fees/charges. Feel free to contact us through our “Contact Us” page to confirm whether we ship to your country.

My order arrived too late.

If you paid for expedited shipping and your order arrives later than the promised date we will refund your cost of shipping. If because of the delay you no longer have a use for the products we will issue you a return label for unopened product and issue a full refund upon receipt of the return

What is your return policy?

We are confident that you will love our products and come back for more. But if you are unhappy with the quality of the product or the packaging is defective reach out to us and we will arrange a free return/refund up to 45 days after the order has been placed. For any other situations feel free to reach out to us and we will help you the best we can.

I returned my order, when can I expect a refund?

Generally refund take about 1-5 business days depending on your provider to reflect in your account. If 5 days pass and you still don't see your refund reach out to us so we can sort it out for you.

I received the wrong item. What do I do?

If what you receive doesn't reflect what you ordered please let us know and we'll have the correct item(s) sent out to you asap.

Products and Ingredient Information

Adorable Baby Certifications.

- Our products go through various tests to supports our claims of pediatrician tested, dermatologist tested, and allergy tested. (see next question for more details)

- EWG VERIFIED™ Almost all of our product are verified by the Environmental working group. (sunscreen in general is not included in their verification program) this means that our product do not contain any ingredients of concern and meet their highest standard for ingredient safety and goods manufacturing processes. Our sunscreen can be found in their annual list of best scoring sunscreens for kids and babies.

You can see all this information by going to and searching for our brand and products.

- Leaping Bunny Certified. Our brand and all our products are certified by Leaping Bunny to ensure no animal testing is done on our formulas or the raw materials we source for our products.
What kind of testing do your products go through?

PET - A preservative efficacy test or PET (otherwise known as a challenge test) is a test that assesses the ability of the preservatives in the formula to prevent and eliminate contaminating microorganisms and bacteria that can be introduced in the formula throughout the manufacturing process and usage period. This test verifies the ability of the product to stay free of contaminating bacteria throughout the intended usage period.

RIPT - A Repeat Insult Patch Test or RIPT is a test that certifies that the formulas are non irritating to the skin, do not contain any allergens, and are sensitive to the skin. This is a clinical test where the formula is applied to participating panelist’s skin and is tested at several intervals over a period of time. During these tests the subjects are then analyzed and monitored for reactions. Additionally A licensed dermatologist and pediatrician overlooks our test throughout its entire process. Approval is given once the study is complete and no adverse reactions are detected.

Micro - A Microbial test is one that is done for every batch after it is manufactured and before the product is filled into their tubes and bottles. This test confirms that there is no bacteria that was introduced into the product during the manufacturing process.

Stability - Our Sunscreen and Diaper Rash Ointment both have Zinc Oxide in the formula as the active ingredient. Before these formulas are approved these products are tested and monitored to demonstrate that the active ingredient will stay stable and thereby continue to do its job effectively throughout the use of the product until it's their expiration date. (the expiration date on these product is 2 years and can be found at the top of the tube on the crimp) This is how we know that we can make a claim for sun protection and diaper rash healing for the Baby Sunscreen and Diaper Rash Ointment respectively and with a valid expiration date.

SPF - The SPF (sun protection factor) test determines the level of sun protection that a product has. Our product is SPF 30 and water resistant for 40 minutes. This means that even if submerged in water the sunscreen will offer 30 times the protection from the sun when compared to not having any sunscreen on. This is achieved by having our formula placed on participants who are then exposed to UV Rays after being submerged in water. The skin is closely monitored to evaluate how high the SPF value is. This test is repeated on at least 10 subjects to account for different skin sensitivities. Please note that even with sunscreen applied everyone reacts to the sun differently and therefore care should be taken to maximize coverage and limit exposure to the sun.

Critical Wavelength - A critical wavelength test determines that the sunscreen protects the skin from both kinds of sun rays known as UVA and UVB. This is achieved by placing the formula on a test plate under a UV light that replicates the sun's rays.

Can you explain naturally sourced vs naturally derived?

Naturally sourced means an ingredient is used in a formula in it's natural state. For example Avocado oil can be used as pure oil extracted from the avocado. Naturally derived means that a component of a plant is extracted and then processed either by itself or with other natural properties to form a ingredient that serves a specific purpose in a formula. For example Glycerin is made by heating vegetable fats such as those found in palm or coconut oil. So glycerin is not found or grown naturally but is derived from natural sources.

What are INCI names?

INCI stands for International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient. Cosmetic and labeling regulation requires all ingredients to be displayed by their INCI name to help universally identify cosmetic ingredients. For example "Arachidyl Alcohol" is the INCI name to identify the ingredient that is a fatty alcohol derived from vegetable oil. Additionally since we need to follow INCI, instead of simply writing "coconut oil" on our label we need to write it's INCI name "Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil".

What are nano-materials and how do they correlate to your products?

The European Commission describes a Nanomaterial as an insoluble or bio-persistent and intentionally manufactured material with one or more external dimensions, or an internal structure, on the scale from 1 to 100 nanometers. (The FDA does not offer a definition for a nanomaterial.) The idea is A. a material that is made up of particle sizes small enough to enter the pores through skin application and B. a material that once inside, the body does not have the capacity to break it down properly would be considered a nanomaterial and could be a cause for concern. Per the definition the zinc we use in our sunscreen and diaper cream is not classified as a nanomaterial and does not have any grounds for concern.


How do I join your rewards program?

Click on the rewards icon on the bottom right of the screen for information about our rewards program and how to join.

I would love to collaborate with Adorable Baby. Who do I contact?

If you would like to collaborate with or feature Adorable Baby on social, web, blog, etc please reach out to us at

Where can I find your products?

We are working to make our products available in a store near you and will update accordingly. Until then we look forward to processing your orders on our website.

Who do I contact for wholesale inquiries.

If you would like to sell our products in your store or on your website or have a general wholesale inquiry you can contact us at

Help, I forgot my password.

You can reset your password on your account by clicking forgot password on the sign in page. If you are having trouble just let us know and we'll help you reset it.

How do I contact you?

For all general information you can contact us through our contact us page or email us at You can also call us at 718-989-2996. Please note we don't always have someone at the phone so if we miss you leave us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.